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159A Thomson Rd
Goldhill Centre
Singapore 307612

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10:00am - 8:00pm


TEL: +65 6353 3252
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At Promusique, we believe that a piece of quality musical instrument greatly enhances your musical experience. Just as a magnifying glass intensifies the heat from the sun!

With this in mind, we have secured the sole distribution rights to a range of top-notch musical instruments that will suit your every need.

Each piece of musical instrument that we carry is a result of careful and deliberate selection process with assuring quality and caliber of the highest standards.

If you are looking for a haven of quality musical instruments and value for your money, look no further!

You have arrived!

We not only guide you to quality purchases, our team of highly accomplished performing music mentors will provide insightful tips on maintenance and proper handling and much more.

This sets us apart from the rest!

Tarry no more!

Come on down to Promusique where we meet your every musical need!

At Promusique, we unleash the musical genius that is in you!

We do not simply teach!  Our lessons come alive!!!

Apart from imparting impeccable technical mastery of your choice of course, we strive to bring out these qualities in our students:

  • Refined character!
  • Cultured and confident disposition!
  • Sharp and keen mind!
  • Calm and composed personality!

..and much more.

We have carefully planned and developed our lessons with these clear objectives deeply etched in our minds.

Aside from gaining quality technical skills, it is seemingly impossible for our graduates not to exuberate the fragrance of such qualities about them. Just as it is impossible not to be wet coming out of a pool!

So Pause for a moment to Receive what we have to Offer:

  • Motivated & dedicated professional music mentors!
  • Unwavering guidance of the highest standards!
  • Simple yet creative delivery methods!
  • Inspiring and focused preparations for world renowned music exams!
  • Quality lessons that come alive!
  • Unprecedented success testimonies of dreams come true!
  • Exciting journey where passion meets reality!
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Larry Lai (Flute Aficionado)

I find that Terry has a rare combination. He is a dedicated flute educator as well as performer. He is able to explain explicitly and perform oustandingly. He is also an expert in "breathing".

Loh Woon (Student)
Chanced upon this CD played in Sembawang Music CD Shop and was immediately captivated by the melodic instrumentation of the flute, violin and piano.

Incredibly mesmerizing, so tantalizing as the melody plays on track by track. Imbued with simplicity yet subtly profound, whether the sound is being introduced immediately or blended in discreetly ... That's the flute sound as depicted in Terry Ang's implicit internal voice, a tone so genuine and humble but voiced with virtuosity. As if the keyboard plays centrestage showcasing the brilliant composition of the music itself, without the blending of the occasional flute and violin, it's like life without soul. Not that I am a flute connoisseur or a music critic, but this CD recorded in 2006 titled 'Spring of Life' featuring the remarkable composition of the pianist himself, the arrangement for Terry to be the featured flautist in the CD has evoked the intended lyrical feelings to be expressed. It's no wonder the disc or rather the musicianship is now being internationally acclaimed. Awesome!

I bought the disc even without browsing the contents and only realized Terry Ang (my flute teacher) is the flutist when I unwrapped the





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